December 2020 COVID-19 Updates

For the safety of our patients and staff,  PATIENTS ONLY PLEASE

A mask covering nose and mouth are required at all times. Thank You!


Telemedicine Visits Available

We are open and scheduling patients for their fertility health needs via telehealth!


We've Moved!
Our New Address is: 6650 W 110th St, Suite 320; Overland Park, KS 66211
Our Phone: 913-894-2323

We are excited to share the new home of RRC! We have been planning it for some time for you. We wanted it to be special. We wanted it to be full of light and joy and love. We hope it brings you as much happiness as it brought us designing it – with you in mind.
-A Personal Note from Dr. Brabec


The Best Success Rates in Kansas City.

Infertility is common. Learn how RRC can help you.


10,000 Births. Best Results in Kansas City.

Infertility is common. Learn how RRC can help you.


Why Choose RRC?

30 Years of Experience. 10,000+ Births. Best Results in Kansas City.

For over 30 years, RRC has been the premiere fertility and IVF clinic serving Greater Kansas City. We offer a complete portfolio of services designed to diagnose and treat infertility including in vitro fertilization, preimplantation genetic screening, IUI, donor egg, donor sperm and egg freezing. As a highly-trained infertility clinic, the doctors and staff at RRC offer an unprecedented experience base to treat infertility issues. The care provided by our nurses, coordinators, and staff truly sets us apart.

In addition to our depth of experience, RRC has the highest success rates in all of Kansas City, and is the 22nd ranked IVF clinic in the entire United States. RRC is the highest rated IVF clinic in a 6-state region (Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Illinois) in terms of live birth per fresh embryo transfer for women under 35. Fresh embryos are cycles with no freezing, no thawing, and no PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Testing). Utilizing the best possible treatment and technology, RRC has helped with over 10,000 births to date and through IVF treatment alone – over 4,400 births.

If you wish to start a family or grow your existing family, schedule an appointment today.


Learn How RRC is Making it Happen

We’re proud to offer Univfy PreIVF™ Reports to show our patients their personalized chances of IVF success based on their own health data, not national estimates. This exciting new data technology lets us qualify many more patients for our IVF program.



Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), recurrent pregnancy loss is a disease, distinct from infertility. It is defined by two or more failed pregnancies before 20 weeks.  Did you know that 25% of all recognized pregnancies result in miscarriage? While this is true, less than 5% of...