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Donor Egg

Pregnant woman, smiling with pink shirtEgg donation is one of the most successful fertility treatment options available to couples. It provides you with at least a 60% chance of having a baby. It is usually not the first treatment option that a couple thinks about when confronted with infertility, thus it may not be an easy decision to make. With that said, thankfully there is an option for women who desire pregnancy that have absent or diminished ovarian function, or have failed fertility treatment thought to be related to egg quality. Egg donation is often the most likely way for you to become pregnant and have a healthy baby.

In vitro fertilization with the use of donor egg was first successfully accomplished in 1984. This treatment has been available at Reproductive Resource Center of Greater Kansas City since 1993. Today, it is a widely used treatment option providing a biological connection between the woman and the baby, and a genetic connection to the husband when sperm from the husband is used. When needed, this treatment can also be incorporated with donor sperm and/or a gestational carrier. There are a number of ways to have a baby!

As with any fertility treatment option, you will be well informed in order to make a decision whether or not to proceed. We provide you that opportunity during the Egg Donation Consult. The intent of this consult is to provide answers to your questions as well as information about the entire process from donor screening and selection through embryo transfer. If you are an established patient, you can anticipate this consult to last about 90 minutes; longer for couples who need a review of their infertility history, a physical exam, semen analysis or other laboratory screening. This consult is for your benefit, so we will take as much time as you need in order to be able to make an informed decision.

A successful Donor Egg Program requires a team effort. You will have the opportunity to meet with several members of the team during your consult. You can anticipate meeting with the Third Party Nurse Coordinator, your physician, and a financial counselor. Here are some of the questions you can expect to be covered during your consult:

  • Who are the donors?
  • How are the donors screened?
  • How much information is available on the donor?
  • How do I select a donor?
  • Can I use a known donor or a donor agency?
  • What are the procedural aspects of the screening process and treatment for the donor and the recipient?
  • How many embryos can I transfer?
  • What are the risks and limitations of this treatment?
  • Do I have any alternatives?
  • What is the cost?
  • What are the current success rates?

Click on FAQ About Ovum Donation for more information on commonly asked questions related to egg donation treatment.

To schedule an appointment, call Amber Harvey, our Patient Coordinator, to obtain the password required to complete the Information Packet found on the home page Click Here for New Patient Registration. Feel free to send or fax the information. After the information is reviewed, you will be contacted by one of our clinic personnel to assist in scheduling your consult.

For your convenience, you have the ability to view RRC donor profiles online. At the time of your consult, a password will be provided to you so that you can review the current available egg donors and make your donor selection on-line.

Feel free to call the Donor Egg Nurse Coordinator should you have any additional questions or concerns. It is our pleasure to assist you with your dream, having a baby!