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Basic Infertility

Infertility is a Common Problem

RRC - Basic InfertilityOne in six couples confronts problems with infertility. Overall, this means 7-8 million people have difficulty conceiving naturally. Fortunately, with medical evaluations and assistance, successful treatments are available to identify and address infertility problems in almost every case. Infertility is a common problem and you are not alone.

Defining Infertility for Couples

Infertility, formally defined, is the inability to conceive pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse. Infertility affects both women and men equally. In a significant number of couples, there is both a male and female related cause. For this reason, it is important that both partners participate in the diagnostic and evaluation process.

Causes of Infertility for Couples

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There are a significant number of both male and female related causes for infertility. Most couples seek infertility evaluations and treatments after attempting to conceive pregnancy via one year of unprotected intercourse. But some patients may need early infertility evaluation. For example, patients over the age of 35 and those with irregular menstrual periods may need early evaluation. Those who have had tubal ligations, a vasectomy, endometriosis, or recurrent pregnancy loss are encouraged to seek early evaluation as well.Causes of Infertility

Causes of Infertility in Couples

Problems with the ovary and fallopian tube explain most of the causes of female infertility. Understandably, most of the infertility evaluation focuses on the results of the semen analysis and testing of the ovaries and fallopian tube.

For half of infertile couples, long-established medical treatment or surgical procedures will successfully treat the problem. Other couples may need more advanced treatment modalities, such as in vitro fertilization or assisted reproductive technology (IVF/ART). Since 1988, the Reproductive Resource Center of Kansas City has earned nationwide recognition and respect as a leader in assisted reproductive technologies.


The Reproductive Resource Center of Greater Kansas City was established as a multi-disciplinary practice which focuses every capacity of science, technology and the healing arts for couples experiencing infertility.

The Center is an approved member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (S.A.R.T.).

Since our establishment in 1988, there have been over 10,000 babies born from all therapies, and over 3,800 babies born as a result of assisted reproductive technology (ART).