Whenever you are going through tough times, or facing some of life’s greatest challenges, a simple quote or hearing the right expression at just the right time can make all the difference. For that reason, we thought it would be nice to collect a few of our favorite quotes about IVF and infertility. Some of them are spoken by IVF experts, others are the heartfelt sentiments from individuals such as yourselves.

7 of Our Favorite Quotes About IVF and Fertility

We hope that at least one of them will strike a chord with you and help you to keep your chin up when the going gets rough or encourage you to pursue the next step in your fertility journey if you are needing a little extra inspiration.

  1. The children we bring into the world are small replicas of ourselves and our husbands; the pride and joy of grandfathers and grandmothers. We dream of being mothers, and for most of us that dreams are realised naturally. For this is the Miracle of Life.” – Azelene Williams, Author of the book INFERTILITY Road to Hell and Back

    Perhaps this quote is the one women and couples pursuing IVF and other fertility should have on a placard pinned to their chests. When others try to encourage adopting, a wonderful option if you feel it’s right for you, it will give them an idea of why – for now – having a baby that is genetically as well as emotionally yours is so important.
  2. The difficulty of IVF or of any fertility issues is the hope and the shattered hope, the dream that it might happen this time and then it doesn’t happen.” – Brooke Shields
  3. “Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – A Japanese proverb.You will become a parent, if that is your heart’s desire. Becoming a parent means watching your baby, and then child, be willing to fall down and stand right back up. You can be his or her own best example with the patience and discipline you begin cultivating through your IVF journey.
  4. “Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.” ~ Dr. Robert Anthony
  5. Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.Oh, this can be a hard one to hear. How often do you have to hear advice on being patient? However, this one is special because it reminds us that fertility is a natural process, even in its most controlled environment. It often takes patience and courage you never knew you had before your sacrifices will be rewarded.
  6. Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about the things that matter. –Martin Luther King Journey.
    1. I have enough experience — in fact, we all do — to recognize that a positive HPT doesn’t guarantee anything, not even a decent number on a quantitative blood test.  Believe me, of that I am painfully and queasily aware.  I am about five minutes pregnant, the littlest bit, and from here anything could happen…….But just as anything bad could happen at this point, so could anything good.” – Julie Robicheax

And it did! Julie and her husband Paul later delivered their healthy baby boy, Charlie. You can read her blog, titled “A Little Pregnant,” which chronicles their experiences through infertility, IFV, pregnancy and parenthood.

To learn more about infertility, fertility treatments and other related matters, you can subscribe to the RRC blog. Or, contact us to schedule an appointment if you feel you’re ready to begin exploring fertility options to add a new member to your family.

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Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have existed for more than half a century, and in vitro fertilization has been around for almost four decades. Even so, the processes seems to be shrouded in mystery and we are constantly amazed at the misconceptions that abound regarding various fertility procedures. Egg donation is one of the ART topics that continues to be veiled in a stew of misconceptions.

The following can shed some light on egg donation and what the process really entails as well as how it will – or won’t – impact your life as an egg donor.

Busting 5 Common Misconceptions About Egg Donors


We would like to help you feel more comfortable with the idea of egg donation and the process you will go through should you choose this path.

Myth 1: If I donate my eggs now, I won’t have any left when I’m ready to have my own children

You were born with a set number of eggs, usually in the range of about 1,000,000. By the time you begin your menstrual cycle, you have about 400,000. Of these, roughly 400 to 500 will mature to become viable eggs. Each month, a woman loses about 10 to 20 eggs. By using hormone therapy to help these eggs mature and then donating them, you are only eliminating the same number of eggs that would have been eliminated by your body anyway. You will still have all of the eggs you would have had for each month after your eggs are harvested.

Myth 2: Egg donors are only in it for the money.

Yes, financial compensation is a part of the egg donation process and rightly so. Anyone who has participated in fertility treatments that require time, energy and potential dasys off work/school to observe appointments, check-ups and routine blood work as well as hormone injections, understand that some form or compensation is warranted. Even so, the main reason healthy women donate their eggs is because they feel a great deal of compassion for women who are struggling to get pregnant. Some are college students who feel their unused eggs might as well be doing some good out there in the world, others are already mothers and understand how sacred it is to be pregnant and give birth to a baby. There are also women who know that parenthood isn’t for them, but they like the idea of helping others make their dreams come true or to know that their genetic line is continuing in some way.

Egg donors are screened carefully and if we get the sense that a donor is only in it for the money, she is not used as a donor. It’s that simple. If you are considering being an egg donor, don’t feel guilty about the financial compensation. You are performing an enormous service to an infertile couple and it would be impossible to place a true value on it.

Myth #3: I will have to give up a tremendous amount of time in order to donate my eggs

Egg donation is a relatively time consuming process but only for a short period of time. From start to finish, it should take between 3 – 6 months and, at most, you should only need to give up two full days of work or school. The rest of your appointments will take place in accordance with your personal schedule. The retrieval process itself is very straightforward, does not require an incision and takes place in less than 30-minutes, after which you are free to return to your normal activities.

Myth #4: Egg donation is painful.

Most egg donors do not report that any parts of the egg donation process are painful. There will be a series of hormone injections required, and these will be accompanied by a slight sting at the injection site (the abdomen). The retrieval process itself is done through the vagina, without any incisions necessary. You will be completely sedated and the retrieval process rarely takes more than 15 minutes. Most women report mild discomfort or cramping on the day of the procedure and maybe into the following day, but over-the-counter pain meds are sufficient to combat this.

Myth 5: Donors will eventually be contacted by “their child” down the road.

Egg donation is a completely anonymous and confidential process. Your egg recipients will never know anything personally identifiable about you other than medical and genetic information that is relevant to their future child’s well-being, as well as a general biography regarding your interests and talents so parents can choose donor eggs that best match their own genetic profiles and interests.

Are you interested in learning more about becoming an egg donor? Contact RRC and learn about the process that can help to make infertile couples’ dreams of parenthood become a reality.

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