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"After 4 years of infertility due to endometriosis, 2 failed ivf cycles with another clinic, lots of tears and tons of referrals we visited RRC! The absolute best decision of our lives! Thanks to Dr. Brabec and her amazing staff we are awaiting the arrival of our twins. We could never thank you all enough and HIGHLY recommend RRC to anyone struggling with infertility!!"
– Ashley

"Dr. Brabec is precise, methodical, and to the point which are qualities I prefer in a Dr. She's the best in the area and knows what she is doing. I am expecting a boy January 15th. :)"
– Kim,

"My husband and I are very impressed with all the care and attention we've received. The staff and doctors are so attentive."
– Kansas City, MO

"We had been struggling with infertility for over a year when we were referred to Reproductive Resource Center. Infertility is such an overwhelming and emotional issue…we just wanted to be able to start a family and hoped that the staff could help us make this a reality at some point. They went over our treatment plan with us and helped us learn all we could do to help with the process. Soon, we started on our treatment course, with my body being stubborn at every turn. Six months later, when we had our first month that was actually going to work and give us our first chance of pregnancy, it was recommended that we take advantage of the opportunity and do IUI to give us the most optimal chance. Well, I’m so excited to say that we are expecting our first baby in February! We are so overjoyed and grateful for our RRC team helping us achieve this dream and being such a supportive and knowledgeable team to have in our corner!"
- Jessica and Brandon, Kansas City

"Thank you for all your support and consideration. What we thought would be a stressful process was actually a wonderful experience for both of us. We couldn't be happier."
– Lenexa, KS

"Thank you so much for helping bring Baby Michael to us. We send our deepest, heartfelt thanks to the doctors and staff."
– Overland Park, KS

"Our little Allie was born in July this year. We'd like to thank everyone for all their help and support and we truly believe that each of you played an important part in making our little miracle happen. Thank you so much."
– Topeka, KS

"My wife and I are pleased to inform you that all your efforts and expertise have paid off handsomely. We are now the very proud parents of a lovely little angel. We are very happy to be a part of your ongoing success stories, and we wish you all the best for your highly-commendable services."
– Springfield, MO

"I'm pleased to tell you that I got a positive pregnancy test result this morning. I can only put this result down to your sessions, so thank you for everything you have done so far."
– Mission, KS

"I am extremely thankful for the support, guidance, and treatment offered by RRC. Although I have still yet to achieve a pregnancy, I feel that they are doing everything possible to manage and overcome my infertility without adding unnecessary pressure."
– Olathe, KS

"The staff is genuinely caring, patient, and sensitive to the stresses of infertility. I was relieved to know that I could contact at least two people if I had any questions or if I needed some additional support. RRC was uniquely personal to my particular needs."
– New York, NY

 "A great experience! All of the doctors and staff members we had contact with were friendly, caring and put us at ease straight away. My husband and I both felt that these were people we could trust and confide in."
– Leawood, KS

"My wife and I were very impressed with the expertise of our endocrinologist. Everyone at RRC was very professional and very caring. The overall impression of our experience was that it was natural and well-supported by a team of dedicated personnel. Happy birthday to us and thank you all!"
– Houston, TX

"It is with great joy and gratitude that I am writing to let you know that our darling baby daughter Annie was born yesterday morning. To my wife and I, it is a miracle that your team helped us finally realize our dreams. Thank you on behalf of all three of us!"
– Independence, MO

"If anybody was to ask me in the future if I knew of a clinic to use for IVF treatment, I would not hesitate to put them in contact with RRC. I cannot speak highly enough of the service and care your team provided. The little things really do make a difference. Thank you."
– Lees Summit, MO